Making Sense of the Rocker Revolution

December 14, 2010

If you’ve been reading any ski or snowboard magazines this fall you have seen plenty of hype on rocker.  If you aren’t living in a ski town or a part of the industry you are probably asking yourself what the heck rocker is.  To put it simply, rocker is the ski/board bending out instead of […]

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La Niña, Snotel, and More Terrian Opening on Aspen And Snowmass

December 03, 2010

In case you aren’t here, or haven’t been paying much attention, a very snowy November has made for a very memorable opening on Thanksgiving Day and has created some extraordinary early season conditions on Aspen and Snowmass mountains. Thanks to La Niña, we’ve seen a steady stream of storms so far this season, and there’s […]

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