• Buttermilk

Open for business in 1958, Buttermilk has been the best mountain for families for over 50 years. The Aspen Skiing Corporation purchased Buttermilk from its founder Friedl Pfeifer in 1963. Since then it has been a part of the Aspen Resorts. Buttermilk Mountain sits three miles away from Aspen making it easily accessible to all visitors in the area. Especially with free shuttles from the other 3 mountains and free parking in all their lots. Of the four mountains in Aspen, Buttermilk is the smallest and easiest mountain to ski or snowboard. Buttermilk ski area was first designed because there was a lack of terrain in other resorts that was good for teaching and learning skiing and snowboarding. Today, Buttermilk is known for having the best ski and snowboard schools in the United states.

While Aspen has the terrain, Buttermilk has the terrain parks. Five of them in fact, plus a super half pipe. This is the very reason ESPN has held the Winter X games here for more than 8 years. Again in 2018 the Winter X games will be held on the mountain. Be sure to check out the Winter X Games slope-style course before the pros get here. The Winter X Games park has over 40 jumps and 25 rails. With 44 trails on 470 acres, 35% of Buttermilk is easy terrain, 39% more difficult, and 26% is most difficult. West Buttermilk has nice easy runs. The east side of the mountain, known as Tiehack, has a mix of intermediate and advanced cruisers. This mountain has trails and terrain for every level of skier or snowboarder.

While you're on top of the mountain be sure to check out the Cliffhouse restaurant. The Cliffhouse has an amazing Mongolian grill with great views of the 14,018 ft Pyramid Peak. Pyramid Peak, one of Colorado's 54 Fourtneeners keeps a watchful eye on all the skiers and snowboarders who enjoy Buttermilk's terrain. For gear be sure to check out our Aspen or Snowmass locations. And, save time and money on your Aspen ski vacation by booking your equipment rentals online.