OnSnow and SIA







Well, the Incline team just got back from looking at all of next year’s gear. It is crazy how quickly the seasons fly by. K2 and Volkl have the most changes going into next season. For K2 the Rictor series is gone. For the women, out goes the potion line and they bring back a version of the Burnin series. We liked this because the Burnin line has such strong brand recognition with our customer. ¬†For Volkl, the bridge is gone! Sad to see it go but excited for the next line. The RTM line stays but from a construction standpoint a lot changes. The above photos are just a few shots taken from my phone. Nothing earth shattering but gives you and idea for the show. We went to OnSnow at Copper and had a chance to ski and ride everything.

Our conclusion? Everything skis great. This sport is legit and I hope to enjoy turns for many years to come!