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We don't just specialize in ski rentals!  Our knowledgable staff includes expert riders that will help you get the best gear available. We know which boards to recommend because when we're not working we are out riding them!

We have the best 2017 boards from Rome, LibTech, K2, and High Society. Whether you're going to hit the park, ride the steep and deep, or carving the groomers, we have the equipment for you. Be sure to check out the demo videos on our YouTube Channel. Remember, online reservations save 20% off our walk-in rate!

Gnu B-Nice
Nice, easy progression is effortless with this award winning all terrain twin series. The B-Nice BTX snowboard is a premium board at a friendly price and it’s good to go for beginners or pros. Now available in a broader size range, we’ve added kids sizes starting at a 123 for parents who care about providing the very best for their unreal youth. The B-Nice is built with premium components for maximum performance and unreal niceness.
High Society Banzai
151, 155, 158
Every year, Snowmass mountain is highly ranked amongst the world's best places to snowboard. The Banzai terrain park is the inspiration for this board, and you will be hardpressed to find a lighter, stronger, or more durable stick for shredding park, or all mountain freestyle. If you want to genuinely impress yourself, get this board. We use stainless steel Rockwell 48C edges that are wrapped 360 degrees making a protective shield around a burly laminated poplar wood core. When you ride this board for the first time, you'll notice the v-carbon beams and carbon fiber stringers, this board gets a 6.5 on our flex meter, making it a stable and predictable platform for hitting a booter at 50mph and stomping the landing, but flexi and poppy enough to ollie onto those urban or park rails you've been going after. The built in rubber foil dampening system and Durasur Ptex-4000 sidewalls will ensure you have a smooth ride anywhere on the mountain you want to go. BANZAI!!
High Society Empire
160, 165
The Empire is for those seeking supreme power and superior control, with excellent craftsmanship and durability. The Empire is the biggest and baddest board in the HS line up. Coming in 3 sizes; 160, 165 and 169cm, this tapered tail freeride board is designed for powerful riders. The Empire is the most torsional and longitudinally rigid board we make. The Empire has RC tech with Vario Power Grip and a 2.5" stance setback with matching side cut setback. This board is a favorite for our big mountain shredders and our back yard board splitters. The shape and flex make it ideal for powder, charging through the late day crud, packed crap, and chunder. Do not be mistaken, this board can get it done in the park and pipe too. For those who appreciate bigger boards, this will satisfy your every need and leave you wanting nothing but more snow.
High Society Icon
155, 158, 162
The Icon is a symbol of quality and performance in the High Society snowboard line. The perfect balance of stiffness and pop, the Icon is the choice for riders looking for the one board that will carve with rebound, float with ease, and perform like a european sports car in all conditions. The Icon is the board all others are measured against. Utilizing carbon fiber technology, the Icon is lightweight, quick, and rowdy like an irish boxer fighting a kangaroo.
High Society Temerity
151, 155, 158
By definition, this board is meant for riders so bold they are almost foolish. If you are the guy straight-lining Loveland pass at breakneck speeds and then airing over the rope to hit the end of the park, this is all you. Slightly softer and more playful than the Icon, yet stiffer and more directional than the Banzai - this board is meant to do it all. Bottom line: This board is hot fire and will take you to the next level.
Jones Flagship
161, 164, 165
The legendary Flagship is the cornerstone of the Jones board line. Jeremy Jones spent two decades perfecting this freeride board design and thousands of riders worldwide now revere the Flagship as the most confidence inspiring snowboard on the planet. While other snowboards may mimic the Flagship’s muscle bound shape and flex profile, rest assured there is still nothing like the real thing. The Flagship is powerful and responsive thanks to the mellow Magne-traction, Blunt Nose and Directional Rocker profile, but it’s the iconic Oak wood top sheet that’s the game changer. The Oak wood topsheet delivers a lively but damp board feel that pops and stomps unlike any other freeride board out there.
Jones Mountain Twin
154, 157, 160
Playful yet precise, the Mountain Twin is the board for freestylin’ freeriders who want one board that can do it all. It’s designed to shred the entire mountain like it’s your own personal skatepark without sacrificing high-speed, line-bombing stability. Rocker tip and tail make poppin’ pillows or pressin’ boxes equally easy and give the Mountain Twin float and finesse in soft snow. Camber underfoot combined with Mellow Magne-Traction give the board snap and hold carving hard pack or boosting out of the halfpipe. The Himalayan spine wall graphic on this season’s Mountain Twin was drawn by artist Joseph Toney.
Jones Twin Sister
143, 146, 149
The Twin Sister is the board for women who like to dance down the mountain and shred the most playful path possible. The CamRock profile of this directional twin let’s you butter and jib terrain equally easy riding regular or switch. Mellow Magne-Traction and traditional camber between the feet keep the Twin Sister on edge and help lock in every turn. The new Film Topsheet on the Twin Sister adds even response while eliminating significant weight. Women looking for a stable and high-performance board that’s easy to rally anywhere want the Twin Sister. The mountain graphic on the Twin Sister was adapted from a series of watercolor paintings by Lake Tahoe artist Chris Crossen.
Lib-Tech Attack Banana
156, 159, 161
The all terrain quiver killer. The Attack Banana EC2 snowboard has enough pop and stability to stomp anything, kills the park, carves the groomers and ice and effortlessly floats the pow.
Lib-Tech Skate Banana
154, 159
The award winning Skate Banana BTX snowboard redefined snowboarding. Fun, easy to ride, high performance… rips hardpack, jibs, and floats effortlessly in powder.
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