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Incline Ski and Snowboard 2015-2016 Rental Gear

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015



It is crazy but we back into that time of year again. All of our skis and snowboards for the 2015-2016 are/will be arriving to the shops over the next month. We have updated our website with current pictures and descriptions of our gear. I really like what Volkl is doing and am super excited to jump on a High Society board. With El Nino still showing mega strength, I am hoping to use the pow sticks all winter long!!!

2013 2013 Ski Rental Photos are up!

Friday, August 30th, 2013

volkl bridge 13-14







Check out our demo equipment section of our website. We have update most of ski equipment for the upcoming 2013 2014 ski season. If you reserve in advance, you receive a 20% discount of all ski and snowboard rentals!

Check out our locations in Aspen and Snowmass!!

Aspen Snowmass Ski Rental Discount

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Matt Fersch testing out the all new 2013-2014 K2 Shredditor!

Incline Ski and Snowboard Shop is locally owned and operated. Our staff works hard to ensure that you get the best gear for your skiing or snowboarding needs.  And, we are proud to say, that we have one of the premier discount programs of any rental shop in the Aspen and Snowmass area. If you book your gear in advance through our online reservations on our website, we offer a 20% discount on top of our already competitive prices.

If you didn’t get the chance to reserve your rentals in advance, no worries, you can still get in on these great deals. We have brightly colored, hard to miss, discount flyers for that same 20% off scattered around at various locations throughout the towns of Aspen and Snowmass Village. Discount cards are also available at all of our partner condominiums and hotels.

It is one thing to have great prices, or sweet rental skis and snowboards, yet quite another to have both. At Incline we carry only the best skis from K2, Salomon, Rossignol, Volkl, Nordica, and new for next season, we will also have demo skis from Head and Kastle. For snowboards, we have an awesome selection of boards from Lib Tech, Gnu, High Society, and K2. We are excited to add Rome snowboards to our rentals for the 2013-2014 season as well.

The conditions at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass are all time right now. Don’t miss out on this spectacular spring skiing! So what are you waiting for? Book your ski vacation today! (And your rentals from Incline Ski Shop!)

Skis of the Week

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Bluebird Powder Day 2/18/13

Happy snow day! This week it’s looking like the stars will align again and the clouds will open up and cover us with a deep fluffy white blanket of snow. The weather forecast for the Aspen Snowmass area through the weekend is calling for snow, some more snow…. and a bit more snow.

Some popular rental skis this week have been our wider all mountain skis. For the guys, the K2 Aftershock, Volkl Mantra, and Rossignol Experience have been the hot skis. For the gals, ski rentals such as the Volkl Aura, Rossignol Temptation, and the K2 Superstitious have been leaving vapor trails as they fly out our doors.

In snowboard alley, the High Society Twilight and Lib Tech Skate Banana have been popular for the dudes as well as the K2 First Lite boards for the girls.

If you make it out this weekend you might catch a few of us making laps on the Silver Queen Gondola at Aspen Mountain.

Mardi Gras in the Mountains

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday from Snowmass Village!  Those of you who have not been a part of this celebration you have been missing out.  We have a surprising Lousiana contingent that comes to Snowmass Village for this week every year.  There is a parade, an uphill race, bar specials, and plenty of beads!  If you were here today for this years celebration you were able to enjoy some great skiing.  We’ve got 4″ off fresh snow today keeping the mountain soft.  The skiing has remained stellar and in the last couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed fresh turns in the Highland Bowl, the Hanging Valley Wall, and all over Ajax.  Weather wise we are getting into a spring pattern where we’ve been receiving a good amount of snowfall with warm- sunny weather in between.  Average highs for this month are around 40 degrees which is welcomed after the long cold winter.  I’m still skiing my Volkl Bridges primarily but I’ve had some fun days on the Nordica Tempest and the Salomon Shogun.  Aspen and Snowmass are open for 5 more weeks and we get Highlands for an extra 2 weeks after that.  Time to make plans to get out to the mountains for some spring skiing while you can!

Gear Profile: Volkl

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a little review on the different ski and snowboard manufacturers that we carry in our rental fleet and I’m going to get it kicked off with Volkl.  Volkl is currently the company that we carry the most gear and I am a big believer in the quality of their gear.  I personally ski on a Volkl Bridge and we have some shop guys who ski the Mantra and Gotamas as their everyday skis.  The AC 30 is going to be our bread and butter ski that is designed for the customer who likes to ski the majority of their time on the groomed slopes.  At 80mm under foot the AC 30 will still perform off the groomer but not as well as some of the wider Volkls we carry.  This ski is also great in the bumps.  Its big brother- the AC 50 is a stiff all mountain machine.  Target market here is going to be a very aggressive skier who likes to rip groomers or a bigger guy who is looking for a stable ride.  We also carry the Tigershark 8ft which is the perfect ski for the skier who loves to make lots of turns at high speed on the groomers.  At 70mm under foot this is the narrowest ski we stock for men.  A new ski from Volkl this year is the Kendo.  Talk about a ripping all mountain ski!  This ski is at home on the groomers, bumps, and pow.  It has an 88mm waist which I feel is the perfect one ski quiver for most skiers on our mountains.  Next up is the Bridge which I mentioned above.  I think this is a perfect everyday ski for an agressive skier who likes to explore the mountain.  It is not a very stiff ski and has a rockered tip and tail to go along with a 95mm waist.  The final mens ski we carry from Volkl is the Mantra.  This is a super stiff and wide ski for ripping skiers who like to find deep snow.  We also stock some of the great skis in the Attiva line from Volkl.  The Tierra is going to be the one ski quiver for an aggressive female who likes to charge the whole mountain.  A new last year from Volkl is the Estrella.  This is a wood core ski for an intermediate skier who likes to cruise the groomers.  The final Volkl ski we carry is the Luna which is a composite core ski making it very easy to turn.  I think this is a perfect ski who the cautious female who is looking to take it easy on the hill.  We are big Volkl fans at Incline and would love to get any of you on a Volklon your next ski trip to Aspen/Snowmass!

Making Sense of the Rocker Revolution

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

If you’ve been reading any ski or snowboard magazines this fall you have seen plenty of hype on rocker.  If you aren’t living in a ski town or a part of the industry you are probably asking yourself what the heck rocker is.  To put it simply, rocker is the ski/board bending out instead of traditional camber.  Rocker comes in all different shapes and forms and every company calls it something different.  Rocker was invented a few years ago to ski in powder.  The tip and tail of the skis were bent up to keep them above the snow in deep powder and this is still the main concept of rocker.  The further from the tip that the rocker starts the more the ski will be geared towards skiing in powder.  The best way to see this is to hold the press the skis together at the binding and you will see the ski bent out.  The K2 Obsethed has a lot of rocker in the tip and the tail and is primarily designed for skiing on powder days or off piste.   Some skis like the Volkl Bridge have less rocker.  Volkl refers to this ski as ELP rocker or early low profile.  When skiing this ski on a groomed run you still have a full effective edge making contact with the snow when you flex the ski as you would with a ski that has traditional camber.  I feel that this gives the rider an advantage in powder and crud without sacrificing the ability to make turns on the groomers.  Even skis for beginners such as the K2 Commanche have a little rocker in the tip.  They call this catch free rocker and the goal is to make each turn easier to skid and less likely to catch an edge.  Snowboards are also using rocker-giving the rider the ability to keep their nose up in the pow without having to set your stance back.  The Lib-Tech Skate Banana is a good example of this and can be riden anywhere from the Highland Bowl to the park at Buttermilk to Fanny Hill.  Every manufacturer is now producing equipment with rocker and K2 is not even manufacturing a ski or snowboard without some form of rocker.  Rocker isn’t just for heliskiing in Alaska anymore, I strongly recommend that you give it a try the next time you demo a ski or snowboard!

Team Incline