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Pray for snow!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

The snow has been a little skinny lately and around here, that means one thing: Ullr Fire!  According to our knowledgeable friends at Wikipedia, Ullr is the Norse god of Winter and the one responsible for bringing us our much beloved snow.


What exactly is an Ullr Fire, you ask?  Basically it’s an excuse to have a bonfire, catch up with your friends, and tell stories about all of the sick jumps, hucks, flips, and crashes from last season.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, so last night we had a Thanksgiving Ullr Fire.  And here’s how you make one:

1. Build a bonfire

2. Throw in some old skis

3. Throw in some adult beverages

4. And we threw in a turkey leg for good measure

The result?  A few inches of fresh snow.  I would say our work is done here.  Or at least it’s a good start.  More to come…

Disclaimer: The staff at Incline is in no way encouraging you to start any fires or burn up any perfectly good skis.  However, feel free to raise your glass to Ullr next time you’re tipping one back.


Snowmass Mountain opening Early!

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Well folks, it’s that time of  year again!  Things at the Incline shop have been very busy the past several weeks, as we get all of our new gear in and wait, what’s this?  Snowmass Mountain is opening five days early!?!  That’s right, Snowmass Mountain will be open tomorrow, November 19th, presenting one of the earliest kick offs to season.  Big Burn, Village Express, Sky Cab, and Magic Carpet will all start crankin’ at 9:00 am, offering skiers and snowboarders more than 3,200 vertical feet, 7 trails, 2 terrain parks, and over 160 acres to play on.

If you haven’t stopped by the shop yet, you’re in for a treat.  Our awesome crew has been hard at work  getting the Snowmass shop ready for Saturday.  The guys have been laboring night and day; waxing, polishing, stacking, pricing, building, and making everything perfect, just for you!  We have some sweet new skis and boards in that are sure to please even the pickiest of shredders.  Be sure to check out the new High Society FR Rocker for the ultimate “all mountain weapon.”  The Gun B-Nice is also boasting some all terrain rippage for you gals out there shredding the mountain, so don’t be afraid to let loose on this one.

Season 2011-12, here we go!  Stop by and say hi, we can’t wait to see you!