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Gear Profile: Salomon

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Salomon skis have been a staple in our rental fleet for years.   For years Salomon crushed it with their X-Scream category and we still get customers requesting that ski!  Our most popular Salomon ski these days is the Salomon Tornado.  This ski is a great ski for the guy who wants to predominately wants to ski the groomers at Aspen/Snowmass.  The 166 Tornado has a radius of 15.6 so it is a pretty quick turning ski.  With a sheet of titanium in the ski it is stable and holds an edge well at speed.  A new ski for Salomon this year is the Enduro and our customers have been loving that ski this season.  The Salomon rep told me they built this ski to compete with the Volkl Mantra and they really did a great job with this.  The Enduro is a stiff all mountain carving machine.  This ski is 83 mm under foot in the 170 so it has a little beef for off-piste skiing but also carves easily and is extremely stable.  A little rocker in the tip helps this ski charge through the crud.  If you are looking for a great all mountain twin the Lord is going to be a great option.  The Lord is 86 mm under foot with rocker in the tip to make a great all mountain ski.  We have had customers skiing this on the groomed runs on Elk Camp and skiing it in the Bowl at Highlands.  The final mens Salomon ski we offer is the Shogun.  If you have snow like we had this weekend this is the ski you want to be on.  We have an employee who skis this as an everyday ski but it really shines on a powder day.  At 101mm under foot with 300mm of rocker in the tip this ski floats through pow like you woulnd’t believe!  This ski truely makes an intermediate skier feel like a hero on a powder day or lets the expert ski more aggressively than he/she thought they would be able to.  This year we brought on the Origins Opal for the ladies.  The Opal skis as good as it looks and the ladies have been loving this ski this season.  A big sidecut makes the Opal very easy to turn as is evident by the 12 degree turn radius in the 152cm.   Head to our reservations page and reserve some Salomon skis for your next trip to Aspen/Snowmass!

Presidents Day Sale!

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Come check out the shops in Snowmass and Aspen this weekend for a Presidents Day Sale!  The sale is running Friday through Monday and you can receive 40% off jackets and pants and 20% off everything else.  Come grab some gear from tops brands like Giro, Scott, Obermeyer, Dragon, Smartwool, Under Armor, etc….

P.S.  If you aren’t out here we just received another nice storm; there was a good 6-8″ on the face of bell today!

Gear Profile: K2

Monday, February 14th, 2011

K2 has been our most popular rental brand in the 6 years I have been here and that is because they just plain make skis that are easy and fun to ski on.  For years the Recon was the one ski we couldn’t keep in the shop and its replacement, the Rictor has taken on that roll.  The Rictor is similar to the Recon but the biggest change is a little rocker in the tip and tail.  This will be a common theme with K2 who has gone all in with the rocker revolution.  Every single ski that K2 makes has some form of rocker in it.  They have different names for their different styles of rocker: All-terrain rocker, speed rocker, catch free rocker, jib rocker and powder rocker!  Most of the skis we carry have all terrain rocker which has traditional camber under foot and a slight amount of rocker in the tip and the tail.  It is so subtle you will not notice it on the hardpack but it will make life a little easier in the crud.  It also isn’t quite enough rocker that I would call it effective in powder.  The other mens ski we carry is the Aftershock.  I would say this is a bread and butter ski for Aspen/Snowmass.  I believe this ski does everything the Rictor does but is more versatile.  You can carve it just as easily but the added waist width makes it ideal for crud and a little bit of powder.  We put everyone from very intermediate skiers to experts on this ski.  K2 was one of the pioneers of the women specific ski movement and they continue to dominate that category.  The Lotta Luvis going to be the women’s equivalent to the Rictor.  This is a great ski for the lady who likes to ski the whole mountain- half on piste and half off.  The Burnin Luvis the ideal ski for the woman who likes to charge the groomers.  This is a relatively stiff ski for a women’s ski and is only 70mm under foot making it very quick edge to edge.  The Free Luv is a very easy ski to maneuver for intermediate skiers.  Finally, the Sweet Luv is pretty much identical to the Free Luv but has a composite core instead of a wood core which makes the ski softer and lighter.  Catch Free is the model of rocker the Sweet Luv has which is designed to make it easier to initiate the turn for the beginning skier.  If you will be in town for the upcoming holiday weekend come on in to Incline and demo some new K2 gear!

Gear Profile: Volkl

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a little review on the different ski and snowboard manufacturers that we carry in our rental fleet and I’m going to get it kicked off with Volkl.  Volkl is currently the company that we carry the most gear and I am a big believer in the quality of their gear.  I personally ski on a Volkl Bridge and we have some shop guys who ski the Mantra and Gotamas as their everyday skis.  The AC 30 is going to be our bread and butter ski that is designed for the customer who likes to ski the majority of their time on the groomed slopes.  At 80mm under foot the AC 30 will still perform off the groomer but not as well as some of the wider Volkls we carry.  This ski is also great in the bumps.  Its big brother- the AC 50 is a stiff all mountain machine.  Target market here is going to be a very aggressive skier who likes to rip groomers or a bigger guy who is looking for a stable ride.  We also carry the Tigershark 8ft which is the perfect ski for the skier who loves to make lots of turns at high speed on the groomers.  At 70mm under foot this is the narrowest ski we stock for men.  A new ski from Volkl this year is the Kendo.  Talk about a ripping all mountain ski!  This ski is at home on the groomers, bumps, and pow.  It has an 88mm waist which I feel is the perfect one ski quiver for most skiers on our mountains.  Next up is the Bridge which I mentioned above.  I think this is a perfect everyday ski for an agressive skier who likes to explore the mountain.  It is not a very stiff ski and has a rockered tip and tail to go along with a 95mm waist.  The final mens ski we carry from Volkl is the Mantra.  This is a super stiff and wide ski for ripping skiers who like to find deep snow.  We also stock some of the great skis in the Attiva line from Volkl.  The Tierra is going to be the one ski quiver for an aggressive female who likes to charge the whole mountain.  A new last year from Volkl is the Estrella.  This is a wood core ski for an intermediate skier who likes to cruise the groomers.  The final Volkl ski we carry is the Luna which is a composite core ski making it very easy to turn.  I think this is a perfect ski who the cautious female who is looking to take it easy on the hill.  We are big Volkl fans at Incline and would love to get any of you on a Volklon your next ski trip to Aspen/Snowmass!