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X-Games week

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

View of Mt. Hayden off the backside of Ajax

This week the largest event in the ski/snowboard industry comes to Aspen for the Winter X Games.  This will be the 10th year the event has been held at Buttermilk.  I was just at Buttermilk yesterday and the set up and training is in full swing.  The event kicks off on Thursday and runs through Sunday.  Some of the more popular events are the skier and snowboard superpipe, slopestyle, and skier/boarder cross.  The event is free to attend and there are buses that run continuously throughout the day from downtown Aspen to the event.  Many people think that if you aren’t going to go watch the X-Games that this is a bad week to be in town but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The slopes are typically empty as most of the visitors are at Buttermilk watching the event.  There are typically 20,00 visitors a day to the event which means there aren’t that many people skiing!  Snowmass is a great place to ski if you are trying to avoid the hoopla.  There crowds will be light and we’ve got great snow right now so the riding will be excellent.  The forecast is calling for some snow tonight followed by sunshine through the weekend.  The sunshine and fresh snow should put the mountain in great shape and some great skis for the conditions would be the Salomon Enduro, Volkl Kendo, or Nordica Enforcer.   Whether you are looking to watch the top athletes in our sport compete or ski uncrowded slopes this is one of top weekends of the year in Aspen.  If you haven’t booked your flight do it now!

Winterskol 2011

Thursday, January 13th, 2011


Making Rentals Easy!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

View of the Highland Bowl from the top of Ajax

In todays blog I am going to talk about a few tips to make the ski/snowboard rental process easy/fun.  Renting skis can be an intimidating process for some but it doesn’t need to be.  My first tip is to get to the shop at a non busy time if at all possible.  Incline is open till 8pm everynight and this is a great time to come get your equipment.  The afternoon rush is usually winding down by 5pm so anytime after that is good.  By coming at a non busy time you get more attention from the ski technician.  It is also nice to get the gear the night before because then you don’t have to hassle with it in the morning!  If you do have to get your equipment in the morning come in early.  We open at 8am and don’t usually get busy until 9 or so.  Nobody likes to wait in lines so get there early!  Another tip is to be honest with the ski tech.  If you say you are a ripping skier and you are just intermediate we might end up putting you on the wrong skis.  We have skis in each package designed for everything from someone who skis the Highland Bowl to someone who is still on Fanny Hill.  Being on the right ski/snowboard can be an important step in progressing to the next level and having an enjoyable vacation.  Many people don’t give boots enough credit but they are honestly the most important part of the rental process.  Getting your boots right on the first try is important.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell the tech what you are feeling.  We can make suggestions but we can’t tell whats happening in your boot unless you tell us.  There are no stupid questions in the rental process!  Finally, if there is a specific ski or snowboard you are dying to try call us a couple days before you arrive and we can try to hold it for you.  One of the most fun parts of the rental process is the ability to try different skis on different days and for different conditions.  Don’t be afraid to come in and swap out your skis.  Happy renting and see you out on the slopes!

Team Incline